Timothy Susse

Mathematics Department

CUNY Graduate Center

365 Fifth Ave.

New York, NY




I am a Ph.D. candidate in my sixth year at CUNY Graduate Center studying Geometric Group Theory under Jason Behrstock. In the Fall I will join the Mathematics Department at The University of Nebraska as a postdoctoral fellow under the mentorship of Susan Hermiller and Mark Brittenham.


In Spring 2014 I am teaching one section of Math 120 - Precalculus in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at York College. Students should refer to the My Math Lab page for information about their class.



My Research Statement





The primary focus of my research is Geometric Group Theory. In particular, I am interested in links between Group Theory and Low Dimensional Topology, especially as it is embodied in the theory of Stable Commutator Length. Currently, I am working on computations of SCL in Right-angled Artin Groups by attacking the problem for cyclic graphs of groups with free abelian vertex groups, as well as SCL in knot and link complements.


In Summer 2013 I ran a seminar on Random Groups at the Graduate Center.





Here is a list of my publications and preprints regarding my research interests.




Here is a list of talks IÕve given recently for which I prepared slides and/or typed notes.