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I am a Ph.D candidate in mathematics, working under the supervision of Lucien Szpiro at the CUNY Graduate Center. Lloyd West
I study number theory and algebraic geometry. My current research work is in the area of arithmetic dynamics – a field at the intersection of number theory, algebraic geometry and complex dynamics.
I have taught mathematics, at different levels, in the USA, China and England. I maintain a blog of my jottings – on mathematics and education – here.

Lloyd West


Current This year I have a Dissertation Fellowship, so I shall not be teaching. Check out my blog, though, for some education related articles.
Past Teaching
2013-14 Quantitative Reasoning Fellow at Guttman College. I worked on developing curricula and teaching materials to support the teaching of quantitative literacy and statistics. You can read some reflections on the experience here.
2011-13 Precalculus with Elements of Calculus at Baruch College.
Course materials on BlackBoard.
Syllabus here.
2012 Summer Minicourse on Class Field Theory in the GC Graduate Mathematics Summer School.
Lecture notes: here (caveat lector!).
2010-11 Spring Precalculus with Elements of Calculus at Medgar Evers College.
Fall Statistics at Medgar Evers College.

Precalculus with Elements of Calculus at Medgar Evers College.
2009 Summer Minicourse on Galois Theory at Linyi Normal University, Shandong, China.
Blogpost: here.
Report: here.

Lloyd West


August 2014 The Moduli Space of Cubic Rational Maps pdf    arxiv:1408.3247
We construct the moduli space, M_d, of degree d rational maps on \mathbb{P}^1 in terms of invariants of binary forms. We apply this construction to give explicit invariants and equations for M_3. Using classical invariant theory, we give solutions to the following problems: (1) explicitly construct, from a moduli point P \in M_d(k), a rational map \phi with the given moduli; (2) find a model for \phi over the field of definition (i.e. explicit descent). We work out the method in detail for the cases d=2,3.